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Pilot for Social Sciences, statistical and research data linking and integration

Pilot Description

Local government budgets (e.g. municipalities, communes) are filled with so many numbers and technical jargon that the ordinary readers cannot easily understand what they mean. Such terminology is not entirely harmonised (only on regional level, sometimes on national level, but not on Pan-European level). This means that A) budget data is hard to understand by non-experts (and sometimes even by experts); and, B) budget data is hard to be analysed and/or compared across municipalities because of different terminology (and thereby also meaning) used. Additionally, 24 languages used in the European Union represent a challenge for this pilot since data descriptions (or e.g. attributes) are often available only in local languages. At the same time, data on municipal level cannot be widely reused by researchers because it is often aggregated in time and scale, and does not use common international standards.

The SC6 Pilot is about acquiring & harvesting, processing and analysing economic data from several municipalities in Europe. The starting points are the municipalities of Thessaloniki, Athens and Kalamaria in Greece but the system is planned to enable to dock more and more European municipalities’ data sources onto the environment in a later stage.

The purpose of this BDE pilot is that the municipal budget data (budget data and budget execution data) from several sources in different A) languages, B) structures, and C) using different terminology, to be harvested, normalised, processed, analysed, and finally distributed / provided through the Web as:

  • open data in RDF format (and other formats provided by the endpoint/API);
  • auto-updated infographics (in the form of a dashboard);
  • simplified categories of revenues and expenses;
  • comparative Economic Indicators per municipality and across municipalities;
  • data dumps;
  • a SPARQL endpoint.

The 4Vs of Big Data in this Pilot

Variety: requirement based on the harvesting of budget data and budget execution data from several sources, available in different structures and formats.

Volume: requirement regarding the growing amount of open budget data available as well as of budget execution data.

Velocity: requirements regarding budget execution data that is provided on continuous basis by the publisher (daily, weekly, monthly).

Veracity: Veracity refers to the biases, noise and abnormality in data. Even for within the same country there are differences on the published data because often are coming from different systems or public accounting standards are not enforced absolutely uniformly (e.g. different municipal departments).

BDE SC6 Pilot Architecture

Block diagram showing data sources, data acquisition, messaging and storage
1st draft Architecture BDE SC6 Pilot

BDI Components Used in this Pilot

Webinars and Workshops

2nd Hangout on ‘New General Data Protection Regulation Adopted’

Vigdis Kvalheim (CESSDA, Deputy Director, NSD)
Ivana Versic (CESSDA, Acting Administrative Director) together with
Martin Kaltenböck (SWC, Managing Partner & CFO).
Vigdis Kvalheim: How does the research community benefit from the new EU General Data Protection Regulation?
Webinar Recording:

3rd Hangout on ‘Citizens’ budget at municipal level

Michalis Vafopoulos (NCSR, Greece)
Ivana Versic (CESSDA, Acting Administrative Director) together with
Martin Kaltenböck (SWC, Managing Partner & CFO).
Citizens’ budget at municipal level – Use Case for BDE SC6
Webinar Recording:

BDE – SC6 – 2nd Workshop – The Challenges of Big Data for societies in a changing world

Big Data Europe SC6: Economy (data) in new context
05 December 2017, 14.00 – 17.30pm CET
GESIS, Cologne, Germany (back2back to EDDIE2016 conference)
CESSDA Presentation
Semantic Web Company presentation
Michalis Vafopoulos Presentation


4th Hangout on “Insight into Virtual Currency Ecosystems” (By making use of Big Data Technology)

Dr. Bernhard Haslhofer (AIT, Austria)
Ivana Versic (CESSDA, Acting Administrative Director) together with
Martin Kaltenböck (SWC, Managing Partner & CFO).
Webinar Recording:

Slides :