The BDE Pilots

The Big Data Europe Integrator Platform provides a flexible, ready to install solution to a very wide variety of big data problems. To test and prove this, the project has run a series of pilots in which different configurations of the platform have been used to address the 7 societal challenges identified by the European Commission. Follow the links below to find out more about the different ways the Big Data Europe platform has been used.

  • Health

    Open PHACTS provides a reliable, large scale source of data relating to biological and medical questions at the early stages of drug discovery idea generation and target validation.

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  • Food & Agriculture

    Tackling the problem of discovering and linking information from different research methodologies across agriculture and food production

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  • Energy

    Managing a large number of distributed energy production systems for operation monitoring, maintenance and production forecasting, handling the stochastic nature of the resource input.

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  • Transport

    Multi-source data collection for the provision of accurate info-mobility and advanced transport planning services in Thessaloniki.

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  • Climate

    Bridging big-data and climate modelling on an institutional infrastructure, to support data-lineage and analytics functionality

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  • Social Sciences

    Comparing budgetary spending across municipalities and borders

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  • Security

    Satellite data combined with social and traditional media to detect and contextualise change on the ground.

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