Build your Big Data Pipeline through a simple graphical UI


The Big Data Europe (BDE) Platform (BDI) makes big data simpler, cheaper and more flexible than ever before. We offer basic building blocks to get started with common big data technologies and make integration with technologies or applications easy. Components such as Apache Spark, Hadoop HDFS and Apache Flink can be built into a pipeline through a simple graphical UI. Those components will help you handle two of the ‘Vs of big data’ – velocity and volume, but BDI is leading the way in tackling that most difficult big data problem: variety. This is done through BDI’s Semantic Data Lake.


BDI is an open Source platform based on Docker, today’s virtualisation technique of choice. It can work on your local development machine, or on hundreds of nodes connected in a swarm. It has been proven to meet the different requirements of each one of Big Data Europe’s pilots that address the European Commission’s 7 Societal Challenges. The platform can be run in house, or can be hosted by vendors like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. The base Docker platform is enriched with a layer of supporting services, helping setup and maintenance. All BDE applications are ‘contained,’ making their installation and set-up a 10-minute job.

How the BDE solution differs from the other Hadoop distributions

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