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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy applies to Big Data Europe’s website, any third-party website, and any apps accessed or utilised through such websites or platforms. The term “Website” will refer to https://big-data-europe.eu/ for the purposes of this Cookie Policy.

Your Choices

Cookies placed before you update your cookie settings will remain on your system, but when we read cookies, we will respect your cookie preferences. You may get rid of them by changing your browser settings. Please note that if you disable cookies, certain features of our Services may not function appropriately.

Furthermore, if you switch devices, computer profiles, or browsers, you will have to re-enter your settings.

What You Need To Know About Cookies

Cookies are little text files that websites install on your computer when you visit them. They’re commonly employed to make websites operate or run more effectively, as well as to offer information to site owners.

The Big Data Europe website employs different types of cookies. Below is the list of cookies that are used on our Website:

Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies

Session cookies, also known as transient cookies, only last as long as your viewing session. These cookies are generally used to keep track of users’ interests or preferences when visiting our Website. Meanwhile, Persistent cookies are the opposite. These cookies are also known as “permanent cookies.” After you shut your browser, they will remain on your computer or device and will expire after the period stated in the cookie.

First-Party Cookies and Third-Party Cookies

We place first-party cookies, which are cookies that may only be accessed and read by us. These are useful to track details like user count, page views, and sessions. Meanwhile, third-party cookies are set by the other parties different from the page you are currently accessing. These cookies can be used to track you across many websites that utilise the same third-party service. 

Secure Cookies

Secure cookies, also known as httpOnly cookies, add an extra degree of security and protection to our Website. The efficacy of the secure cookie headers, as well as the HTTPonly flag, which prevents access to non-HTTP sources, are the essence of this type of cookie we employ.