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Using Bitcoin Motion App in 2022: Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Our Team’s Verdict: YES! Bitcoin Motion Platform Is Safe and 100% Legit!

After our in-depth research, we can attest that their website features are highly accurate. We observed no issues with the Bitcoin Motion platform regarding deposits, trading with their partner brokers, or withdrawals. It also seems that Bitcoin Motion App has a good reputation according to its user community.

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One benefit of starting your crypto journey with Bitcoin Motion is that you can still work a full-time job. The Bitcoin Motion team designed the platform to be user-friendly so that both beginners and professional traders can use it. Remember that using the Bitcoin Era platform is not a total solution to your trading efforts but a complementary tool.

Read the entire Bitcoin Motion review to know more about this platform.

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Should you start trading with Bitcoin Motion? Here’s our Bitcoin Motion review! Let’s find out the key features of this platform.

What Is Bitcoin Motion?

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Bitcoin Motion Is Your Easy Gateway To Crypto Industry

The Bitcoin Motion is a platform that links traders to reputable and regulated brokers in their area, whether they are new or experienced. These brokers offer different automated trading tools that can help make one’s trading process easier. Bitcoin Motion claims that you can also trade various assets available through partnered brokers. The easiest step to enter the crypto market is registering with this platform.

Read the Creation of a Bitcoin Motion Account section below to learn how to get started with the website.

Bitcoin Motion Is Artificial Intelligence-Powered (AI)

Trading in a volatile market while you are emotionally driven can bring you many risks. This is one of the scenarios that Bitcoin Motion aims to solve by supporting AI-powered tools and systems (as offered by the brokers).

Bitcoin Motion Increases Your Trading Parameters

If you’re a trader with an eye for automated trades, you can perform them with Bitcoin Motion’s trusted brokers. Through your assigned broker, you can access the most efficient trading tools and use MetaTrader 4 or 5 platforms that they support.

How Does Bitcoin Motion Work?

Using Bitcoin Motion is easy!

First, you will have to access Bitcoin Motion and complete your account setup process. The information you submitted via their online registration form will be forwarded to the nearest regulated broker. This broker will immediately contact you to confirm your identity and account.

Once you have finally settled your minimum deposit of $250, you can start using their offered trading services.

7 Best Bitcoin Motion Features

As we try out the features of Bitcoin Motion for practical testing, here are some features that stood out to our research team:

1.   Reliable Customer Support

The website claims that the Bitcoin Motion customer support team is available 24/7. In our research, we were impressed by their immediate response to their user community’s addressed concerns and questions.

2.   Quick Registration Process

Straight forward and no hassle feeling! You only have to submit your basic information and expect a call from your broker. The whole registration process should be finished in at most 20 minutes.

3.   Accessible Trading Tools and Learning Materials

The affiliated brokers of Bitcoin Motion can offer various trading tools and materials that can help to execute potentially profitable trades. Most brokers provide you with trading tools or bots that can be used with any trading strategy or instrument. AI systems, however, are not recommended for novices.

4.   Regulated Brokers

Bitcoin Motion claims that no broker connected with them is unregulated or unreliable. Please note that Bitcoin Motion is not a broker in and of itself. The platform is a lead-generating page for Bitcoin Motion traders who have already signed up.

5.   Free Personal Account Manager

All brokers provide dedicated account managers to assist their clients. These brokers will professionally handle your Bitcoin Motion account. You should perhaps consider their advice, as we highly encourage you.

6.   Online Security

Through SSL encryption, Bitcoin Motion ensures that users are protected from malware, phishing, theft, and other fraudulent online activities. 

7.   Seamless Deposit and Withdrawal Systems

Brokers accept multiple payment methods for your initial investment. If traders choose to pay differently, they may deal with their designated trustworthy broker.

Creation of a Bitcoin Motion Account

1.   Fill out the application form.

Visit the homepage of the Bitcoin Motion website, and you’ll quickly see the application form. Enter your complete name, email address, and phone number in the box provided. When you click “register now,” your assigned broker will contact you to ask for further information, such as your knowledge and previous trading experience.

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2.   Make a deposit.

After validating your trading account, you will need a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading. The brokers offer multiple payment methods and choose the most suitable for you. Your deposit will appear in your account instantly or shortly after, depending on the method you choose.

3.   Try the Free Demo Account Feature.

A demo account is an option. If you are an experienced trader, you may proceed to the live trading process. However, if you are a novice trader, it is wise to explore this feature. Trying the demo trading feature first can help you gain more experience and be comfortable with the process. You can also observe the trading bot’s profitability since the results in a demo account are the same as those in live trading.

4.   Start live trading.

As long as you have earned the confidence and knowledge to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos, you can proceed to this stage.

What Beginners Should Know Before Creating A Bitcoin Motion Account

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Always Do Your Research

Unless you are consulting with a professional, you must research cryptocurrency. Do not just stop after knowing the basics. Dig deeper! Once you have decided on which coin(s) to trade or invest in, get to know the development team behind it and its future goals.

Crypto Is Not Easy Money

Using platforms like Bitcoin Motion isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Do not entirely put your trust in a platform designed to be a supplementary tool to your trading journey.

Don’t Put All Your Money on One or Two Coins

Now that you’ve done your research, take advantage of the opportunity to invest in various currencies. You can try diversifying your portfolio instead of just sticking in a few. For example, the loss of Bitcoin would be compensated by the gains of the other well-performing currencies if you applied diversification in your portfolio.

Be Mentally Prepared

An investor needs to be mentally prepared, considering how highly volatile the market is. Doing this will help you stay rational in making your investment decisions, rather than emotional. You can also define the trading strategies that fit your type as a trader or investor.


Is Bitcoin Motion App Legit and Legal?

Yes, according to the Bitcoin Motion review findings, Bitcoin Motion is 100% legitimate and legal to use. We haven’t found fraud complaints from users in this Bitcoin Motion review, and the offered services seem legitimate.

Note: As a trader, you must do your own research in reviewing the platform and knowing about the crypto regulations in your country.

Is Bitcoin Motion App Safe?

For the sake of everyone’s protection, Bitcoin Motion monitors its linked brokers to verify that they are reliable. Bitcoin Motion users should, however, double-check that their designated broker is regulated in their place of residence.

Does Bitcoin Motion App Offer Trading Robots?

No, Bitcoin Motion only connects traders to trustworthy brokers that offer different trading tools, including trading robots. Bitcoin Motion states that such trading tools can enhance winning transactions, but since bots can be hard for novice users, we do not recommend beginners utilise them in their live trading sessions.

Do Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Motion?

Many celebrities are indeed engaged with Bitcoin trading. However, many platforms also falsely claim that big influencers endorse them. We haven’t found any celebrity that specifically endorsed Bitcoin Motion in our thorough research. To avoid those unreliable websites, it would be best to further your investigation about them.

Does Bitcoin Motion Cost?

When you use Bitcoin Motion, there are no hidden charges. But they allow a minimum deposit of $250 upon signing up to start trading.

Trading With Bitcoin Motion App: Our Take Away

Unlike other platforms with fancy promises, Bitcoin Motion does not lure you away from the realities of life. Your success isn’t guaranteed in a single day; a lot of chances to help you achieve your financial objectives are instead provided. Many trading software is out there, but you cannot always guarantee their accuracy. It would be best to sign up with lead generation platforms like Bitcoin Motion and have you linked to a definitely licensed broker.

Using Bitcoin Motion App and its offered services, we highly urge you to use their Demo Trading Mode if you are a beginner. It is free and can help you test your trading parameters as a starter. This demo account feature can also reduce the risk of losing since there is no money at stake.

Although this platform research is positive, we also encourage you to do your own research.

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Our Bitcoin Motion review is not intended to be construed as investment advice from a licensed financial advisor. Trading crypto-assets do not guarantee a 100% success rate. Crypto CFD trading is highly risky activity. You should trade at your own risk. Before investing, always get advice from a professional.

Bitcoin Motion is not a trading software. The platform connects various traders and their trusted affiliated brokers to make trading easier.