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Immediate Edge Review 2022 – How Legit Is This?

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As soon as you start trading Immediate Edge, there are many factors to consider—especially when choosing the right trading platform to use. Well, there are a lot of options you can choose from. Every trader wishes to discover a cryptocurrency trading platform packed with automated trading tools like trading robots and even the best brokers in the country.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of phoney websites that lead you to unregulated brokers instead. We are aware of several websites that also use fake celebrity endorsements to attract potential users. That is why we present you with this comprehensive review to help you understand more about this platform.

In this review, we will look through the purpose, functionalities, and best features of Immediate Edge. To start, here’s our team’s verdict!

Our Verdict: What We Think About Immediate Edge

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Is a platform that easily paves the way to crypto trading in 2022. Our research confirms that Immediate Edge is NOT a scam! Our team found out that the platform’s primary purpose is to connect traders to regulated brokers globally. Immediate Edge should not be confused with being a trading platform or a broker. Instead, it is a trader’s easy gateway to cryptocurrency market trends.

How did we say that it’s “easy”? You’ll find that out later.

When you compare Immediate Edge with other platforms, it has a lot of benefits to show off. We’ll have a briefing about this in the Best Features of the Immediate Edge Website section below.

Note: Upon reading the entire review, we still encourage readers to be cautious when using it.

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

As Immediate Edge claims, the website is partnered with regulated brokers worldwide. It connects its registered users to the nearest trustworthy brokers. These brokers use the MetaTrader platform to provide different automated trading tools that can be helpful to enhance your trading parameters.

How To Open An Immediate Edge Account?

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In our attempt to test the features of Immediate Edge, we can attest that the platform is indeed as easy to use as how the other website users claimed. Here are the easy steps to creating your own account. You’ll like it: no sweat at all!


Fill out the application form with your information, such as your full name, contact number, and email address.


You should wait until a broker calls you to verify your new trading account. You might be asked about a few additional pieces of information during this process.


After verifying your trading account, you are allowed to make a minimum deposit of $250 to begin trading. This amount should be reasonable for your initial trading capital and a way to maintain a balance.

Demo Trading

The demo trading feature of Immediate Edge partner brokers is highly recommended for beginners. Using this feature before the live trading session lets you get used to how executing trades are made without losing money during the session. Yes, this feature is FREE!

Live Trading

The live trading feature (offered by the brokers) is the real thing. After you’ve completed all of the preceding steps, you may begin your live trading session and have fun!

Best Features of the Immediate Edge Website

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This section will mention the best features we think potential users would love to experience. Here are some:


The crypto system of Immediate Edge employs enough security measures to prevent unauthorised access to each user account.

Reliable Customer Service

According to the majority of the users, the customer service staff are trustworthy when it comes to assistance and addressing concerns. You also don’t have to worry about their “office hours,” since they will be accommodating you 24/7!

Automated Trading Robot

This feature is one of Immediate Edge’s selling points. You’ll be able to use this through the offered trading services of the broker assigned to you. Trading robots are ideal for executing profitable trades, thanks to their quick reaction and emotionless trading characteristics.

User-Friendly Interface

Using Immediate Edge wherever you are won’t be too much of a hassle! If you are a desktop user, a mobile user, or both, you can access the software anytime!

Immediate Edge Advantages (You Need To Know)

Here’s a summary of other benefits you can get when using the Immediate Edge website:

  • It offers its users seamless deposits and withdrawals so that traders can process any time of the day.
  • Registration process is simple and doesn’t require downloads.
  • It is safe and has proper encryption.
  • There has no hidden fees or commissions.
  • The Brokers supports both manual and automated trading, whichever the trader prefers to perform during the session.
  • The Team constantly regulates their partnered brokers to maintain their users’ trust and security.
  • According to our research, this has been around for years, continuously providing its valued users with the best services.


It is one of the several platforms that give you easy access to the crypto market. It is legit and functions appropriately. Our research team was more than impressed with how this platform works simply but greatly helps reduce your burden of looking for regulated brokers and accurate auto trading platforms.

Experienced traders can find the system via their partnered brokers useful when it comes to adjusting their trading parameters according to their desired trading strategy. The offered auto trading robots would also be the best match for them, especially when they know how to use them. As for novice traders, Immediate Edge’s free demo account could assist them in gaining more trading experience and confidence.


Who Can Use Immediate Edge?

Anyone can use Immediate Edge as long as you are at the legal age acknowledged in your country.

How Much Is The Registration Fee?

Registering your Immediate Edge account is totally FREE of charge. You only have to visit their homepage and submit the information required.

Does Any Celebrity Endorse Immediate Edge?

No, Immediate Edge is not endorsed by any celebrities. Many crypto-related websites are using fake celebrity endorsements to attract their victims. While searching for a platform that you think would be great for your trading career, you should be cautious with these websites.

Can I Use Immediate Edge On Mobile?

Yes, if you have a browser and a stable internet connection, you can definitely access the website even on your mobile.


Author’s Note

This information should not be considered investment advice. Our review aims to provide our readers with information about Immediate Edge and insight into its trading session.

Risk Disclaimer

Engaging with Immediate Edge or other crypto platforms does not equate to 100% success. Before making any investment, you should analyse your financial situation and closely examine your choices. Trade at your own risk! Always ask a financial expert before taking the essential steps to begin trading.

CFD Trading Disclaimer

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has begun to limit the sale, advertising, and distribution of cryptocurrency CFDs. According to PS20/10, using direct marketing materials to promote cryptocurrency-based CFDs and other financial products to UK consumers is unlawful.